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Springs lift your garage door together with the drums, cables, rollers, track, and hinges to ensure a smooth operation. Springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure and if you try to disconnect the opener and lift the door, or if the door only opens a few inches, you can damage the door, opener or severely hurt yourself. Time to Call Aladdin Doors® L.A.. We specialize in broken garage door spring replacement. If you call us by 2pm, we guarantee same day service, or your service call is FREE.

Springs work together and if only one is replaced, chances are the second will break shortly thereafter. So if only one spring breaks, it is industry standard and our best practice to replace both springs on a double car door. Similar to a car needing a brake job: you don’t replace just one front break, you replace them both.

We Service Torsion or Extension Springs

  • Torsion springs are mounted directly above the door and sometimes on older homes with less room in the garage, they can be mounted to the rear of the garage. If your door has a torsion spring set-up, you’ll know when the spring needs replacement because it is broken in two pieces.
  • Extension springs are usually mounted above the garage door track, or sometimes mounted vertically on the side. If you see gaps between the coils of your extension springs, they are failing or have broken.

Standard Vs. High Cycle Springs

A standard torsion spring provides up to 10,000 cycles (one cycle opens the door, another cycle closes the door) and come with a four-year warranty (parts) and one-year warranty (labor). However, if you plan to be in your home a long time, it might be worthwhile to purchase 100,000 high cycle springs. Although they are more expensive, these high-performance springs carry a lifetime warranty. We can show you the difference since we have both types in our vehicles.

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